TrickyKid Top 10 Cosplayers of 2017

I was introduced to the awesome & fascinating world of Cosplay a few years ago - 
Sure I had seen people dressing up at movie premiers and the occasional costume at some nerdier events I've attended but seeing it so mainstream, in full force as an art form, sometimes even competitively so was an unexpected turn of events that led me to attending events & photographing cosplayers on both coasts in everywhere in the middle this year.  
Cosplay has influenced the advertising industry, in which cosplayers are often hired for event work previously assigned to agency models. Thus, new variant of cosplay has developed in which cosplayers attend events mainly for the purpose of modeling their characters for still photography. 
Some cosplayers have since transformed their hobby into profitable, professional careers thus introducing the Pro Cosplayer,.  
Regardless of your an amateur, pro or just a first timer I wanted to recognize the people we met this year.  
This is in no way some sort of comprehensive list or we think that we know best, just a fun list of fun people we ran into this year that we ranked based on traffic on our site & across our social media platforms. To qualify we had to have met you at least once in 2017, took your picture & you were a kind human being to my staff & I.


TrickyKid Top 10 Cosplayers 2017


10) Rachel EFX 

Where we met her: Dallas Fan Days/Dallas Comic Con Expo

Rachel Maddalena is a very talented & friendly Cosplayer & Model blessing literally ever convention we attended this year in the DFW area with her imaginative & inspired cosplays, excited to see what she comes up with in 2018.

Harley Quinn (left)
& Slave Leia (right)





9) Ashley Von Bose

Where we met her: Full disclosure: We met this badass over a year ago at Fan Days & have become close personal friends in the days since. I even recently Dj'd her wedding (Congratulations Ashley & Conrad). However this does not disqualify her, I took her picture, fans of our site liked it a bunch & she deserves to be on this (& any other) year-end Best of Cosplay list.

Baroness (left)
& Phoenix (right)








8) Lhars Ebersold

Where we met her: Quarter Lounge Arcade & various cons

Lhars came into a retro arcade I was collaborating with over the Summer & I learned from her that she was a cosplayer & ran into her at the next Con I was shooting. She totally blew us away with her seemingly unlimited gifts. Not only is her cosplay next level business & she is intelligent & charming as the day is long but she is so much more. She is an artist in every sense of the word. In addition to body paint & a zillion other ventures she also is a world class sketch artist, sculptor, etc - A real renaissance woman, & you can commission Lhars for a one of kind work of art yourself.










7) Ashley Blake  

Where we met her: Dallas Fan Days

Ashley is another extremely talented cosplayer & model that appeared on our radar this year & blew us away literally every time we saw her.
One of the most naturally gifted (& kind) people I've ever met, she is seriously born to do it. This girl is the one to watch next year.









6) Geordie Holly

Where we met her: A-Kon & various other conventions,

We first met Geordie when my alter ego DJ TrickyKid performed at the Marvel New Year last December & since ran into her at A-Kon & a ton of other conventions & it's always more fun than the last, she is awesome. Her British accent & sense of humor will keep you laughing & her absurdly gorgeous cosplays have been the highlight of literally every convention we've been to this year.








5) Keely Madison  

Where we met her: Exxxotica, Fan Days Dallas

Few people in life have ever inspired a sense of fearlessness as instantly as Cosplayer & Model Keely Madison does. You cannot spend 5 mins with this goddess without getting a bit of  her limitless sense of adventure on you. Easily one of the most interesting & just fun people we met all year. Isn't that what cosplay is all about? Taking chances, being creative & fearless? Keely Madison defines this.












4) Missy Mayhem 

Where we met her: EVERYWHERE

An easier question would be where HAVEN'T we seen Missy this year, she has to be one of the hardest working cosplayers & models in the game. She recently just wrapped a two week tour of Texas hitting some geek spot to meet her fans in person before making the move to Atlanta next year. We wish Missy the best in Georgia & know cause of her work ethic & talent that we will see her soon. 





3)  Luna Laine

Where we met her: Wondercon 2017

Like alot of people, I first saw Luna Laine on That (Super Annoying) Cosplay Show - The cosplayers are always awesome but that interviewer dude is unbearable but Luna made the segment enjoyable. She is just as outgoing & witty & fun in person & her cosplay is always so high quality, fun & absolutely fearless.






2) Joanie Brosas  

Where we met her (this year) - SDCC

Quite simply - the Queen. 
For the past two years Joanie as come in first place & only taking it down to second this year & if you've ever been in her presence it would come as no surprise to anyone. 
This girl is a true nerd who also just happens to be impossibly attractive. Her Twitter feed is a delight of socially engaging inquiries, inspired photos & body/image positive messages that promote acceptance of all. Seriously, no one is doing cosplay this legit, this hot, with such a fun, positive attitude. 
A Goddess & in the truest & every sense of the word. 

I first met Joanie Brosas in her hometown of Salt Lake City in 2015 at the SLC Comic-Con Fan Xperience.  
That con & meeting Joanie both set off a chain reaction that has led t me attending about a half a dozen events each year that helped me really get to know the Cosplay community & develop a deep appreciation for this art form.  
I finally got to tell her that & catch up with her at her first (& only to date) visit to Dallas last year where we filmed an episode of  
TrickyKid TV live from the convention that you can see here.





1) Katy Decobray

Where we met her: Fan Expo Vancouver

We have a new #1 this year! Personal bias aside ( I have GI Joe tattoos) When I first saw Katy as the Baroness naturally I was intrigued & supremely impressed. Her last (stage) name is also of the Baroness (Anastasia Decobray). I hadn't seen anyone do the Baroness at least not at this level so not only was I excited to meet Katy, in person she didn't disappoint & her cosplays really have to be seen up close to be believed. Her talent is only exceeded by how fun & awesome she is. Congratulations Katy!






Photos - 

Roy Turner
Shay Wesley
Maze Studios
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