Scenes from the 2018 Texas Pinball Festival

Pinball is a long passion of mine - I've always loved it - The sights and sounds that surround its culture, the artistry everything. 
Most people think pinball is simply keeping a silver ball from getting past you by using flippers, repeat - But as anyone in attendance here today will tell you, that's just the beginning. 
No matter its motif, every machine is different and the individuality, engineering & the craftsmanship put into one of these is the kind of greatness I've always aspired to. 

This show draws people from all over the United States and beyond. It is one of the largest shows in the industry 
Over 400 vintage and new pinball machines, classic arcade games and slot machines for sale and set on free play. Vendors selling parts, supplies, equipment and memorabilia all weekend. There were presentations by well known pinball artist and designers and answering questions from the audience. Door Prizes for pinball related memorabilia drawn hourly throughout the weekend, included a grand prize raffle drawing Sunday awarding a full size Pinball Machine to benefit the Red Cross. 

Artists & celebrities from all over the world come to TPF to makes appearances & meet their fans. This year's featured guest was the Incredible Hulk himself Lou Ferigno -



Artists included were:

Christopher Franchi


Brian Colin 




Every year their is always the newest round of machines made by the big companies like Stern or even the popular independents especially Jersey Jack & Spooky Pinball.

This year the must-play new games where:

Star Wars &
Guardians of the Galaxy (both from Stern)



Alice Cooper 
& Total Nuclear Annihilation (both from Spooky)



Featured Vendor: Jim Bu

Jim is lifelong collector, mechanic & walking encyclopedia of all things pinball. Jim possess a passion for the hobby unlike anyone I've ever met & you can feel his appreciation for the rich history of pinball after spending just 10 mins with him. He brought one of the most popular rows of games all weekend with games ranging from Revenge From Mars to the Elton John classic, Captain Fantastic.


One thing I found peculiar was there was so many hot-girl themed machines this year haha. 
Starting with getting into the spirit of Spring Break:

Spring Break (Gottlieb], 1987)
& Diamond Lady (Gottlieb,1988)








To two machines based on Pamela Anderson vehicles:

BarbWire (Gottlieb, 1996)
& BayWatch (Sega, 1995)


To the more provocative to the downright absurd:

Playboy (Stern, 2002)
& Hardbody (Bally, 1987)



The next two would describe my ideal pinball machines - Whereas my fave machine of all time is Earthshaker, and sadly no one brought one this year, I was content playing these two gems.

Transporter (Midway, 1989)
& Whirlwind (Williams, 1990)


...and of course the Festival would be nothing without the dedicated fans that come from far & wide each & every year.












At the end of the weekend their is a great award ceremony for some of the more memorable & innovative machines brought in competing in a number of unique catergories.


It always ends too soon, one of the most fun & enjoyable weekends you can have. Till next year!


Photos - 

Roy Turner

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