2017 AVN Expo Part II: Cam Girls Takeover (NSFW)

For the third consecutive year, I returned to Las Vegas to cover the AVN Adult Industry Expo & for the second time I would be attending 
the AVN Awards ceremony that caps off the industries biggest weekend, often referred to as the "Oscars of Porn".  
(Check out Part 1 here)
For me personally however its the 4 day AVN Expo leading up to the big night that is the most fun.  
A hotbed of networking activity, but also a super fun & often times surreal environment & the best of those terms possible.

It’s also a barometer for who’s hot, rising or still on top in a world where branding is everything and being the next big thing means both career leverage and more lucrative contract offers.
Social interaction is what the Expo is all about though, and respectful requests for photos are rarely denied. Mindful behavior is expected at the parties as well, albeit in a looser nighttime atmosphere.
Social interaction definitely seems to be the future of how patrons prefer to receive the product & that was never more apparent as the most popular girls at the entire convention were the Cam Girls - they just freaking took over!
The main sponsor for the event itself is big league cam site MyFreeCams & one of their most popular models Stefanie Joy was selected to cut the ribbon opening this year's festivities.

Stefanie Joy

Think about that - not a mainstream performer but a cam girl was selected for that honor as a sign that a change is brewing in the air.
It's like a movement - there is something very punk rock/grassroots about the rise of the Cam Girl that's irresistable to get behind.
Not necessarily in a us vs. them (in terms of the mainstream performers) but they are a united front.
All lined up together camming together decked out in gear of the cam site they represent, almost like in uniform, like an army ready to take on the world.

Sunnie Jones, Emily Tokes & Avalynn Rose

Aubrey Cycles & Hunny Bear (left)

Willow Wisp & Emma Chase (left)
Sandy Bee (right)

The Girls of Cam Soda:

Gianna Michaels, Tori Black, Olivia Austin,
Alexis Monroe, Kylie Quinn, Alice Gomez & Kathy Rose

And whereas mainstream performers do exactly that, perform - the popularity of the cam girl stems largely as a live, interactive, personal one of kind experience, as compared to the at times disposable, easy to reproduce experience of it's mainstream counterpart.
And they came to put on a show - 

Roxy Nelson & Jade (left) 
& Jenna Jade right)


Whereas the top performers in the adult industry can seem larger than life & virtually untouchable, these are the girls next door, in every corner of the globe, in every shape & form. Since the medium really only requires a wi-fi connection & desire to do it & can be done (just about) anywhere.

Amber Sonata (right)

Corty Blue (right)

And because it can become a crowded field, naturally performers wanna stand out & what the cam medium allows is exactly that, it's a blank canvas for the performers own creativity with the only limits of their imagination (& naturally some state & moral laws).
That's what so genuine & irresistable about it is that when you hear a song on a radio you often wonder:
"Did they write that song?, Is that Autotune making that sound so good?" - Your skeptical
But in a cam performer's chat room, there is no faking the funk as it were, you either got the goods or you don't.
Leading with creativity as well as charm & humility will get you everywhere.
Here are some of the friendliest folks we met at the Expo -

Ivy Brooks 

On the last day in the last hour of the Expo fortune smiled upon us by meeting the force of nature that is Ivy Brooks.
Funny, sharp witted & impossibly radiant, we knew we had to have her co-host our AVN Special on our weekly TrickyKid Radio Podcast,
which you can stream & download for free here.

Pervy the Clown & Candy (left)
& Braislee Adams (right)

Last year I wrote a piece on the rising Cam movement called Of Clowns & Cam Girls featuring easily one of the most unique & fun loving performers, the dynamic duo of Pervy the Clown & Kinky Candy from the 1st Annual Cam Girls Awards show & Conference.
The gang already have their OWN awards & expo -Though it was supposed to return this year, it did so in online form only, but that's just a minor setback and will return next year bigger & better & isn't indicative of the popularity of camming in the least.

Avery Blvck

Casey Online


Alex Coal

Misty Kitten

Readers of this site & listeners of TrickyKid Radio will remember Misty Kitten from last year's AVN Special & print pieces.
Misty returned to AVN this year looking better than ever & was great to have a chance to catch up with her over lunch & for a quick photo shoot.

And just like anything while they are united in desire & many carry the same banner, the cream always rises to the top so naturally stars are born & many have seen their popularity (& bank accounts) soar amid competition.

Amy Day




Reya Sunshine (right)

And while the mainstream performers were hosting parties all over town the models of main sponsor My Free Cams were treated to not one but two private parties at Vinyl the cozy nightclub at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Harlow Money

The casual affair inside the intimate, brick-walled nightclub featured live performances by all-girl cover band Misty Day.

The MFC staff set up a 30-foot table of MyFreeCams-branded swag for the models to grab on their way out with items such as baseball caps, hoodies & glow sticks. Even the stage was bathed in signature MFC green lighting effects.  

On night number 2 an exclusive event that without question turned into one of highlights of the week with special musical guest who was only revealed hours earlier to —platinum recording artist Flo Rida.
Understand he was also booked as the main act for the freaking AVN Awards & here the the MFC community was being treated to a private,
full-length concert & an even more intimate setting.


Flo Rida tossed a dozen long-stemmed roses to the girls, passed around bottles of Patron and Ciroc and even pulled AVN Media Network CEO Tony Rios onto the stage for a wild duo performance of My House.

And as always the private after-after parties are always the best.
Just ask Bailey Rayne, Raven Friday & Harper Madi

Stay tuned for Part III with Girls of the Expo, Crossover Stars, Legends, After-Parties & much more!

Photos - 

Roy Turner
Ray Massey
Morbid Thoughts
Jeff Koga

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