1st Annual Adult Webcam Conference & Awards + Stripstream After-Party & more

Back in Las Vegas to cover the AVN Expo for the second year & attend the AVN Awards for the first time. Another first this year, with the surging popularity of Cam Girls is that they have warranted their own separate mini-convention with it's own award show that began just a day before AVN. I planned my trip around this so I could include it in my coverage.

The 1st Annual Adult Webcam Super Conference & Expo - January 21st - Alexis Park Resort - Las Vegas, NV

Across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where the AVN Expo is held is a modest & very sex-positive establishment called the Alexis Park Resort.
You can tell by the events held here that it's owners have an extremely open mind but let's not get ahead of ourselves. 
The convention hall at the center looks like the kind of place that you would go to a baseball card show in the Midwest in the 1980s
But inside while modest (this is the first year after-all) the Adult Webcam Super Conference hosted some of the most charming & attractive people I met all weekend.

Michelle Minks (left)
Lauren Jenkins & Jasmine D Fields (right)

Samantha Hayes

Samantha was so nice with off the charts charm and dead sexy.
Easily one of the most stunning girls I met all weekend. 
I could have photographed her all day.

Afyzel (left)
& Virginia Rose, Lucky Scott & friends (right)

Pervy the Clown & Kinky Candy

I was not privy to Pervy before my arrival but now must applaud him & his lovely cohort Kinky Candy use of audacity to stand out in a sea of crowded cammers.
Why wouldn't these two have a huge following? It's shocking but harmless (like an Alice Cooper LP) she's super sexy with a perfect body and it's legitimately funny.
Being a cam performer certainly looks easy to get started. Just a laptop, a wi-fi connection and a lack of inhibitions and your off to the races.
So that crowds the playing field - Pervy & his girl are here to stay (at least I hope so).

Kitty Ninja Star

Even the bad ass DJ is a Cam Girl for Cam4.com

Webcam Awards - 

After the Expo had ended their was a 2-hr break before the awards portion of the convention began.

Pout Olivier 

One of the best conversations I had all weekend was with Pout Olivier - It didn't take place until the after-party actually.
I had seen her during the expo & I had shot everyone but her and just as they were closing up I took these pics real quick.
Every met someone so super intense said intensity actually oozes aphrodisia? That's what it was like talking to Pout.
No question why she won so many awards. A star is born.


Lynn Pleasant (left)
& this girl I think was just a fan,but if she was there doing research,
she's got a bright future ahead because she was bananas hot (right)

Sparky Sinn Claire (left)
& Natalia w/ Miss Interviewer (

Was so happy to run into my girl Sparky Sinn Claire - We had met a few times before but wasn't until last Spring in Hollywood at a Saul Williams show where we got to talk at length & connect. This time we had a great chance to catch up, talk hip-hop & life.
She's one of my fave peoples ever, so smart & full of life. Support her on any endeavor she sees fit.

The gals on the right were quite the wild bunch - especially Natalia who I called Cheeto all weekend. The girl on the left Miss Interviewer.
The interview took place at the very end of the expo in the hall way were like the last day of school you feel exempt from rules & regulations.
I call Natalia Cheeto because that's exactly what I saw her penetrating herself with and feeding said soiled confection to Miss Interview. Good times.

Strip Stream Adult Webcam Model After-Party

After the awards naturally their was an after-party, hosted by Strip Stream. Just like the expo itself, it was modest yet charming affair (my fave) where if you were 21 you would have said it was dead (& it was a bit slow before a late night peak) but if you were over 35 you appreciated being able to actually order a drink and have the bartender hear you. (Gawd I'm old).

Jessie Blush & Bucky Howard

Sunny Succubus, Lynn Pleasant, Samantha Hayes & Jaden Storm

Before moving on - I wanted to give a shout out to a Cam Girl that goes by Naughty Ayla. I was standing actually on the casino floor over at the Hard Rock when Ayla, given the task of passing out handbills to stir up some business approached me as many did with the disclaimer that I looked lost. You could suspect this was part of the pitch but no, I do give off an "I'm lost" look when I'm daydreaming. This stunning girl snapped me back to and we had a fun exchange.
Nice to meet you Ayla - 

Naughty Ayla


ANE Adult Novelty Expo - January 20-22nd - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

Another first I attended this year was the ANE Adult Novelty Expo that occupies the smaller convention area across the hall from the AVN Expo.
As it's name implies, it's designed for merchants of sex toys & adult products to model their wares & showcase their new products.

Jet Doll Girls (left)
Akira Shell & Hope Harper (right)

On the main floor at the Joint I met some lovely brand ambassadors and some also performers themselves.

Stay tuned as our next few entries will take on the AVN Expo followed by the AVN Awards & after-parties galore, stick around!

Photos - 

Roy Turner
Strip Stream

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