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Salt Lake City Comic Con 2015 Day 2 - Fan Experience w/ Ralph Macchio, Sci-Fi Dating, cosplay galore & more 

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher’s panel was a last-minute addition to the panel schedule on Saturday. It was only scheduled for half an hour, which means after all the people sat down we had about 20 minutes with Fisher on stage. Once on stage, Fisher requested a Coca-cola from the audience, it seemed like a joke until someone rushed to the stage, can in hand. Fisher is the kind of Coke drinker when you ask if Pepsi is okay, will look disappointed and request something else. The first person to bring a can to… Read more

Salt Lake City Comic Con 2015: Fan Experience & Red Carpet Party 

Stuff happened here etc.


The Cosplayers 


Carrie Fischer

Dr Who Fan Experience

The most popular event of the entire convention featured the 11th doctor Matt Smith and two of his companions—Billie Piper and Karen Gillan. Well, technically Billie Piper wasn’t his companion, but she made a reappearance during his season as The Doctor. Fans of the show would ask them questions, they would respond, and it usually created a very exciting discussion. Fan’s asked questions from anything that had to do with Doctor… Read more

Sundance Film Festival 2015 Part II - Geena Davis Celebrity Poker, Pitchfork Party w/ Twin Shadow + screenings of Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck & True Story & more 

stuff etc.

Day 4 - January 28th

Geena Davis Institute Celebrity Poker Tournament - AirBnB Haus - Park City, UT

Stuff happened 


Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck

Told as a chronological narrative via archival errata, recent interviews and some imaginatively repurposed elements, “Montage of Heck” (named after one of the playful audio collages Cobain made pre-fame) begins with recollections of a happy early childhood in small-town Aberdeen, Wash. Firstborn Kurt was by all accounts an energetic, creative,… Read more

Sundance Film Festival 2015 - Part 1: Interview w/ producers of Saturday - WWE Studios Dinner, screening of Strongest Man, Lil Jon & more 

I had flown into Salt Lake City, Utah from Las Vegas after covering another convention there - I had flight delays and had never been here before. 
I had missed the first couple of days of the festival but still had a long week ahead. After getting my rental car and checking into my hotel, I went over to Sundance headquarters to pick up my credentials along with my screening tickets.
Being the over-achieving masochist that I am I had also signed on to cover Slamdance, the independent film festival that was… Read more

Slamdance 2015: Part III - Coffee w/ James Franco, Screening of Dennis Rodman's Big Bang in Pyongyang + Slamdance Awards & more 

Still drudging on in spite of not feeling well which is a total bummer as I'm someone who never gets sick and certainly can't afford to be right now while I'm here.
Today the was last of the Slamdance Festival and I had busy day ahead with more screenings, their award ceremony & closing party (not to mention my tandum Sundance commitments).

Day 5 - January 29th (final day of Slamdance)

I had just seen a screening of True Story w/ James Franco & Jonah Hill the night before. I didn't really care for it… Read more

Slamdance 2015: Part II - Screening of The Ressurection of Jake The Snake Roberts & Q&A w/ cast & crew 

Ok so Day 3 of covering dueling film festivals in a Wintery Wonderland who's climate & altitude were turning me inside out. In spite of the majesty I felt being here for the first time and daily drive through postcard like scenery, something was definitely wrong with my respitory system and my over-all general well being. 
I had been hitting it hard so I got here & Vegas before that so I just (initially) dismissed it at exhaustion. So instead of getting in at 3am and then leaving again 6hrs later,… Read more

Slamdance 2015: Part 1 - Royal Rumble Watching Party w/ Jake the Snake & Scott Hall 

 I had flown into Salt Lake City, Utah from Las Vegas after covering another convention there - I had flight delays and had never been here before. Primarily, I was here to cover the coveted Sundance Film Festival - something I've wanted to do my entire adult life and now I was getting the chance.
I had missed the first couple of days of the festival but still had a long week ahead. Though I had no official Sundance business today I was so obsessed with getting my credentials that after getting my rental car… Read more

AVN 2015 Day 2 - More fun at the Expo + Red Carpet, Awards Ceremony, after-parties & more (NSFW) 

Today was my second & final day of the Adult Video News Expo that will conclude this evening with the AVN Awards, porn's answer to the Oscars.
I had alot to see & do today and got down the convention early - as in before noon early.

Day 2 - January 24th

Today I was less in journalist mode & more about

Trying to see as much as I can & just have fun. I still had certain obligations to fulfill & other specifics I wanted to cover, but the mode was less structured and more roving.

Fun on theRead more

AVN 2015 Day 1 - Inside the world's largest Adult Industry convention & Fan Expo  

Every January it usually takes me to February to catch my breath from the holiday season and start to plan for the year ahead and usually by that time I'm already swamped with emails regarding SXSW in March. Well January is an extremely busy month in the entertainment industry across the board and it sets the tone for the rest of the phiscal year. But again I'm usually still in such holiday hangover mode, I can never seem to get it together in time to hit some of the major events in January.
I've been out to… Read more

Jan/Feb 2015 - Clutch/Mick Foley/Bob Seger 

Jan 8th
Clutch @ HOB (Dallas)

Jan 12th
Mick Foley @  (Addison, TX)

The “second act” that wrestlers find themselves in is quite often a sad tale of depleted finances and emotions. It’s different for Foley though. While countless injuries have taken their toll on both his body and mind, he’s taken his gift of gab and put it to good use among fans who are just happy to see him live and in their presence.
Feb 12th Bob Seger @ AA Center (Dallas)

Trickykid B-Side #12 - Attack of the Tribute Bands Part IV - The World's Largest Tribute Festival & more 

Increasingly, if you check the concert calendars of venues around town, you'll find a night or two dedicated to cover or tribute acts: bands paying homage to specific bands or the eras that birthed them.
The appeal to fans is pretty straightforward: Nostalgia sells, and people are more likely to turn out for a night of old familiars than take a chance on a live act they've never heard of. The tribute bands draw. And that draw, of course, appeals to club owners.
If you can't afford the $400 ticket to see… Read more

Trickykid B-Side #11 - Attack of the Cover Bands Pt III: Political or Tribute? 

What I am trying to accomplish in this series is to analyze, compartmentalize and paint a clear picture of the phenomenon of the Cover Band as career from an anthropological view point. I am not an anthropologist, or an apologist of any sort for that matter and I guess that's what qualifies me. That and my desire/knowledge of music and its extension of the human spirit - I'm fascinated as much as I'm confused by the idea of a professional cover band - and in complete anarchy of the idea of a Tribute band -… Read more

Dec 2014 Part V - Wrapping up the year w/ Blackalicious, The Toadies, New Year's Eve w/ the Singapore Slingers & more 

Well another year has come and gone - We end 2014 with the return of one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups in history, more Holiday magic, good times with some old friends and new times with some new ones. Happy New Year everyone, here's to continued good health & prosperity in 2015, I hope you enjoy yourself and the post below.

Blackalicious - December 6th - Granada Theater - Dallas, TX 

I had just flown in to DFW that afternoon from NYC to spend the holidays with my family in Texas. Just a few short hours… Read more